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About Us

We Love Pickleball

Five Local Ballers

The owners of LPC are avid pickleball players who love the game and knew that Lafayette was in dire need of an indoor climate-controlled pickleball club.

It was important to the five partner group to find an easy-access location to build their 16,000 square foot dream pickleball club, from the ground up. This took some time but in July 2023 they broke ground, and in April 2024 they officially opened for business.

The partners are an eclectic group, combining skills from their many years of business experience in the areas of operations, construction, hospitality, banking, finance, retail, oil & gas, healthcare, real estate and entrepreneurship.


And the thread that connects the five of them is their love for pickleball. They are honored to serve the Lafayette community, and they are excited for you to experience LPC.

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